Tree of Happiness – Plant


Botanical name: Crassula ovata nana

Organically grown and indigenous.
In a 100% recycled plastic nursery pot.

Nana is derived from Latin nanus meaning ‘dwarf’ and is a small version of the well-known South African plant that is loved all over the world, both indoors and out. She is valued for her grey-green, oval, succulent leaves and tiny pink flowers in Winter-Spring that attract bees and butterflies.

  • Inside/Outside
  • Water well when soil is dry until water drains freely. Feed once a month in Spring and Summer.
  • Sun or semi-shade. Inside place in bright indirect light.


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It is believed by some that this local beauty can bring financial luck and therefore also goes by the names money tree and the tree of happiness. The Khoi traditionally grated the roots, cooked and enjoyed with thick milk.

Enjoy this small but powerful plant in a special place in your home and you too may benefit from her abilities.

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