Watsonia tabularis – Plant


Indigenous to South Africa, organically grown, and locally sourced from ethical growers committed to sustainable, Nature-friendly cultivation.

Common names: Table Mountain watsonia (English).

Botanical name: Watsonia tabularis

Potted into 100% recycled plastic nursery pot or bag.

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Care Summary

Plant Summary

The Table Mountain watsonia, Watsonia tabularis, is a striking evergreen plant with sword-shaped leaves and showy spikes of orange or pink flowers that attract nectar-feeding birds. It is endemic to the Cape Peninsula and the adjacent Cape Flats, where it grows on rocky sandstone slopes and flats. It is a geophyte with a corm that allows it to survive fires and droughts. The corms are edible but sour and fibrous and are sometimes eaten by baboons and porcupines. Watsonia tabularis is easy to grow in sunny, well-drained, acidic soils and makes a spectacular display in fynbos, rockery and water-wise gardens. It can be propagated by seed or division of corms.


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