Polygala fruticosa – Plant


Indigenous to South Africa, organically grown, and locally sourced from ethical growers committed to sustainable, Nature-friendly cultivation.

Common names: butterfly bush (English).

Botanical name: Polygala fruticosa

Potted into 100% recycled plastic nursery pot or bag.

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Care Summary

Plant Summary

The butterfly bush, Polygala fruticosa, is a compact, evergreen shrub with blue-green leaves and deep purple flowers that resemble butterflies. It attracts bees with its nectar and produces seeds in papery capsules. This hardy plant can tolerate salt spray, drought, and a range of soils. It is ideal for coastal gardens, rockeries, containers, and mixed borders. It is a native of South Africa, where it is also known as the milkwort or false legume. Polygala fruticosa has been used traditionally to enhance milk production in livestock and humans.


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