Haworthia coarctata


Organically grown and indigenous.
In a 10cm nursery pot.

Haworthiopsis coarctata can grow quite tall on a long stem with rosettes of succulent leaves, that are covered with white ‘warts’.  Leaves are dark green but can turn an attractive purple/red if grown in full sun. New plants that form at the base can be propagated and gifted to a loved one. This succulent is a wonderful plant to attract wildlife to your garden. She is pollinated by bees and wasps, and is enjoyed by grasshoppers, crickets, tortoises and porcupines.

  • Inside/Outside
  • Water well when soil is dry until water drains freely. Feed once a month in Spring and Summer.
  • Semi-shade in Summer. Full-sun in Winter. Inside place in bright indirect light.

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Historically this succulent was used as a charm in times of war, as it is believed to make warriors fearless. Today it is cultivated by traditional healers as it is believed to ward off evil spirits.


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