Lizard’s Tail – Plant


Botanical name: Crassula muscosa

Organically grown and indigenous.
In a 12cm 100% recycled plastic nursery pot.

This interesting indigenous succulent goes by many names because of her tiny, tightly interlocked leaves including; Watch chain, Princess pine, zipper plant and rats tails.  She bursts with small yellow/green flowers from Spring-Summer.

  • Enjoy inside or outside in free draining soil.
  • Water well when soil is dry until water runs freely. Feed once or twice during growing season with a succulent food.
  • Outside, place in full sun or semi-shade or in bright, indirect light inside.


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Crassula muscosa adds interest and texture to any arrangement and is perfect for hanging baskets and planters as she grows and begins to trail.

Connect with nature and the kids and make the perfect homemade gift in the form of a succulent haired friend:

  1. Choose a locally made pot that kids can paint a face on or even better, make your own ceramic pot (with a drainage hole).
  2. Add a few drainage stones.
  3. Fill the bottom third with an organic succulent mix.
  4. Loosen the crassula’s root ball & plant.
  5. Top up with soil, press down firmly, water well & leave to drain.
  6. Enjoy your living art.


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