Indigenous Seed Kit


In your bag you will find five indigenous seed packs, chosen because of their benefits to you as flavours, foods, medicines; and benefits to wildlife including bees, butterflies and birds.

  1. African Mint – Mentha longifolia
  2. Bulbine – Bulbine frutescens
  3. Cancerbush – Lessertia frutescens
  4. Sceletium – Mesembryanthemum tortuosum
  5. Wild Rosemary – Eriocephalus africanus

Each seed pack contains:

  • A card containing introductory information on the plant’s nature, uses & benefits, care & cultivation as well as germination instructions.
  • Packet of fresh seeds, untreated, from organically-grown beneficial plants, harvested last season.
  • A bag of organic germination soil mix in a biodegradable corn-starch packet.
  • A nursery pot and drip tray manufactured locally from 100% recycled plastic.
  • A wooden sucker stick to use in identifying the seeds planted, and record date planted, etc.


  • Our aim is to provide you with the basic resources needed to begin creating with our indigenous nature, and to nurture the wellbeing of all.
  • We hope this experience of germinating seeds will lead you to discover more about our extraordinary biodiversity; the wide range of benefits available from our local plants; and encourage you to play an active role in restoration and conservation of your indigenous Nature.
  • Germinating seeds and cultivating plants is also an opportunity to commune with Nature, more deeply contemplate the magic and mystery of life, the remarkable transformations of each stage of the life-cycle, and the interconnectedness of our ecosystems.
  • Notice the form of the seeds and learn how they are dispersed in Nature by wind, water, or animals for example.
  • Bear in mind the nature of the adult plants, their natural habitat and adaptations to their environment and climate that influence soil choice, light level and amount of water required to be happy.
  • Consider a mission to find these plants growing in local gardens, parks, or nature reserves to discover first-hand about their Nature and needs.