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Modern living can be stressful for cats and make it difficult for them to experience their natural wellbeing. Happy Cat™ stressfree helps make it easy. The Happy Cat™ stressfree Pillow is designed for travel, vet visits, moving house, cattery stays and periods in hospital. Stuffed with freshly ground Valerian root and manufactured with 100% natural and biodegradable materials.



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The Happy Cat™ stressfree Pillow is specially designed for travel, vet visits, moving house, cattery stays and periods in hospital.

Ideas: Use the loop and ties on the Happy Cat™ stressfree Pillow to secure it to the cat box or cage for travel and hospital stays. Try placing the pillow in any safe hiding place created for nervous cats. Also try rubbing the pillow against the cheek and body when in a challenging experience like a vet examination.

Contents: 100% heavy cotton fabric, stuffed with natural kapok fiber and valerian root (Valeriana officinalis)

Packaging: recycled card and biodegradable corn-starch bag

Dimensions: 140 mm (length) x 100 mm (width)

Weight: 41 g (55 g with packaging)

The Happy Cat™ stressfree range contains Valerian root, a herb well-recognised for her attractiveness to cats & relaxing effects on the nervous system. Use to help ease stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and recovery, encourage play and naturally enrich a cat’s environment.

  • Created by animal healthcare professionals and Mother Nature.
  • Intended as part of an integrated approach to feline wellbeing.
  • Natural, biodegradable, locally sourced materials wherever possible.
  • Proudly South African – A product of the Mother City, Cape Town.

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