Gasteria Flow – Plant


Botanical name: Gasteria species.

Organically grown and indigenous.
In a 12cm 100% recycled plastic nursery pot.

This striking variety of Gasteria with dark green, triangular-shaped leaves with white spots is a perfect indoor plant. Requiring little maintenance she adds an attractive focal point to any table, shelf or windowsill.

  • Inside/Outside
  • Water well when soil is dry until water drains freely. Feed once a month in Spring and Summer.
  • Shade or semi-shade. Inside, place in low to moderate light

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Gasteria flow does well sharing her habitat with other small succulents. Have fun creating a succulent container garden:

  1. Choose a locally made bowl shaped planter, preferably with a drainage hole.
  2. Select enough plants to allow a ‘full’ arrangement.
  3. Add drainage stones and fill bottom of bowl with succulent soil mix.
  4. Choose your centre piece and play with design.
  5. Gently loosen root balls and plant starting with your center piece & working out.
  6. Enjoy your living art.


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