Artemisia afra – Essential Oil


Pure essential oil, indigenous to South Africa. Steam distilled. Organically grown, locally sourced.

Common names: African wormwood, wild wormwood (English); mhlonyane (Xhosa); mhlonyane (Zulu); lengana (Tswana); zengana, lengana (Sotho); wildeals, alsem (Afrikaans).

Botanical name: Artemisia afra

Amber glass bottle with recyclable plastic cap and dropper.10ml



Essential Oil Summary

Cooling, cleansing, and disinfecting, rich in essential oils, African Wormwood has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects, and is a popular plant to help ease colds, coughs and flu. She is commonly used as a tea, and infused in hot water she also makes a useful wash to clean cuts and grazes, and as a compress to help reduce inflammation associated with strains, sprains and bruises. As a steam inhalation, the essential oil can help ease nasal congestion, and in a warm bath, ease headaches and menstrual pain. African wormwood is also mildly analgesic. The diluted essential oil, massaged topically onto the skin, can help ease pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis.

Plant Summary

Soft aromatic shrub is one of the most popular medicinal plants in South Africa well-known for her fragrant leaves and bitter taste. Easy to grow, Artemisia afra is an essential part of the herb garden, and with its silver-grey foliage it makes a striking display in any garden. Makes very interesting combinations of foliage and flower colour throughout the summer. Deters common garden pests. Sandy soil and full sun.

Creating with Essential Oils

Essential oils are also known as volatile oils. Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants by steam distillation, resulting in a very concentrated herbal preparation. Essential oils are not safe to ingest but can be safely used in diffusers or topical first-aid and for cosmetic preparations like creams, shampoos, massage oils, and wound balms. As a guide use 1-4 drops in an essential oil burner, and 1 drop in 5mls carrier oil or a 1% concentration in topical preparations. Keep safely out of reach of children and animals.


Our range of indigenous, organically-grown essential oils are intended as part of an integrated approach to wellbeing. Information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition, nor replace prescribed medication. If on medication, pregnant, lactating, or undergoing surgery please consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils.

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