African Wormwood – Plant


Botanical name: Artemisia afra

Organically grown, indigenous.
In a 100% recycled plastic nursery pot.

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A common species in South Africa and East Africa, African Wormwood is one of the most used traditional medicines despite its bitterness. She is incredibly aromatic with feathery grey/green leaves and small pale yellow flowers. She is a wonderful plant to use in companion planting. Aphids love her, so she helps to keep the rest of your garden aphid free. And ladybirds love aphids, so if you want to attract ladybirds – you need this plant.

African wormwood is warming, cleansing and disinfecting. She is anti-bacterial and anti-viral, so she is a popular plant to help ease colds, coughs and flu. She is drank as a tea and blocked noses can be further aided by inserting a few leaves into the nostrils (keeping some of the leaf hanging out!) or as a steam inhalation. Infused in hot water she is a useful wash for cuts, grazes and stings.

African wormwood enjoys full sun and heavy pruning in winter. She is fast growing, actively doing so in Summer. She can be propagated by division or from cuttings in spring and summer and seeds can be sown in spring or summer too.

For a tea, add 1/4 cup fresh leaves to 1 cup of boiled water. Steep for 5 mins. Strain. Enjoy the bitterness.


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