Thank you for considering Nature-friendly plants for your home or workplace.

Our aim is to support creating happy gardens – whether it’s a balcony garden, roof-top garden, kitchen garden, medicine garden, food garden, indoor garden or wildlife garden – that nurtures wellbeing; benefiting you, your family and our local wildlife. We commit to using plants that are organically grown, indigenous, useful as food or medicine and support our local biodiversity including bees, butterflies and birds.


Pop into our indigenous nursery and nature shop and let our knowledgeable and passionate team offer advice on ways to create with Nature to nurture wellbeing. We will suggest suitable plants, planters, lighting and soil based on your needs and those of your animals, plants and environment. If you require more support, we offer site-visits where we will come to your home or place of work.


For those requiring more support, we offer to come to your home or place of work and provide creative solutions for inside, balconies, rooftops and gardens; for self, family, colleagues, guests, pets, wildlife, and community. Lee Burrell is our in-house Landscape Architect, and she is passionate about urban ecology and the overlaps it has with social justice.

We specialise in indigenous, beneficial, organically-grown, locally-sourced plants, particularly those that are beneficial as aromatics, food or medicine, and that support our local wildlife. Available plants include aloes, vygies, sages, buchus, cotyledons, crassulas, snowbush, pelargoniums, spekboom, ferns, spurflowers, restios, helichrysums, gazanias, proteas, cone-bushes, and much more.

We also source and supply plants and accessories needed for the project including; locally made planters, ceramic and terracotta pots, wrought iron wall mounts, hanging baskets, pot holders, and pot stands; large cement and stone planters, pots and troughs; soil, compost, mulch, bark, stones; lighting – LED full spectrum sun equivalent lighting.

Following the site visit with Lee, we will put together a proposal and quote. Once accepted, we will set a date to return and implement the project.

Initial investment: R480 for site-visit and proposal.

Planting & Potting

Visited our nursery or website and know what plants you want for your indoor or outdoor space but require delivery and/or us to do the planting? We will come to you and clear beds or pots, prepare soil, plant your selected plants and mulch/use decorative stones.

Investment: R250 per hour, or part thereof (cost of plants and accessories are not included in this fee).
Delivery: R150 for delivery of smaller items within City (fee to be discussed for large or unusual items, or outside of the city bowl).


Chat to us about our maintenance service for the home or workplace. It will be customised to your needs and requirements.

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