We want to help you transform your home or workplace into a happy space and explore creating with Nature for the wellbeing of all.

Design Service

Kazeka Mbekeni is our in-house Landscape Architect and she offers a full design service. We provide creative solutions for inside spaces, balconies, rooftops and gardens for everyone’s benefit – yourself, family, colleagues, guests, pets, wildlife, and community.

To achieve this we offer artistic principles and technical design, while embracing our biodiversity and using our indigenous, organically grown plants. We specialise in indigenous, beneficial, organically-grown, locally-sourced plants, particularly those that are beneficial as aromatics, food or medicine, that support our local wildlife. We style with additional pieces that are locally sourced and ethically made and depending on the scope of the project; collaborate with external service providers including bespoke trellis’s, irrigation and lighting etc, to enable us to achieve an integrated solution.

Drop us an email and we will set up a call to get an idea of the scope of your needs. We then offer to come to your home or place of work and provide creative solutions that take into account the needs of self, family, room mates, guests, pets, wildlife, and community taking budget etc into account.

Instore Support

Pop into our indigenous nursery and nature shop and let our knowledgeable and passionate team offer advice on ways to create with Nature to nurture wellbeing. We will suggest suitable plants, planters, lighting and soil. We also offer a free potting service. Pot up plants you purchase and bring in any home or work plants needing care.

Delivery, Potting & Maintenance

Visited our nursery or website and know what plants you want for your indoor or outdoor space but require delivery and/or us to do the planting? We will come to you and clear beds or pots, prepare soil, plant your selected plants and mulch/use decorative stones.

Chat to us about our maintenance service for the home or workplace. It will be customised to your needs and requirements.