Spekboom – Portulacaria afra

Spekboom - Portulacaria afra

Spekboom leaves are edible, medicinal, fire-resistant, drought- tolerant and water-wise. Add the zesty Vitamin C-rich leaves to salads, a sprig to your G&T / mocktail, or a twig to stews toward the end of cooking to enhance the flavour. Spekboom was traditionally used to treat dehydration and used today by hikers to help ease exhaustion. Soothing and mildly antiseptic, crushed spekboom leaves are useful to help heal minor burns and cuts, corns and hiking blisters, and even mouth sores. Spekboom is Proudly South African and a true wonder plant. Easy to care for and makes for a striking ornamental indoor or outdoor container plant
that can be bonsai-ed.

Common names: porkbush, elephant's food (English); igqwanitsha, igwanishe, umfayisele, wehlathi (Xhosa); intelezi, isidondwane, isambilane, indibili, isicococo (Zulu); spekboom. olifantskos (Afrikaans). 
Botanical name: Portulacaria afra


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Uses & Benefits

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Care & Cultivation

Light-level: shade – semi, sun – afternoon, sun – full, sun – morning
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