Putterlickia pyracantha

Putterlickia pyracantha
Putterlickia pyracantha

Common names: false spike-thorn, fire-thorn putterlickia (English); intlangwana, umhlangwe, umqaqoba (Xhosa); valspendoring, branddoring (Afrikaans). 
Botanical name: Putterlickia pyracantha

The false spike-thorn, Putterlickia pyracantha, is a spiny shrub or small tree with star-like, cream-coloured flowers that turn red after opening. It grows in various habitats in the Western and Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Mozambique and eSwatini. It attracts bees and birds that feed on its seeds, which are enclosed by an orange aril. The roots are used to make beer and as an aphrodisiac, while other parts are used to treat chest pains and snake bite. It is a good security hedge that can be grown in well-drained soil, in sun or semi-shade, and propagated by cuttings or seeds.

Uses & Benefits: food, hedge, wildlife, wind tolerant

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Celastraceae
Type: shrub, tree
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: white
Flowering season: 
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Use as Medicine


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