Krantz Aloe – Aloe arborescens

Useful as medicine, especially for burns and wounds. Beautiful flowers in winter, nectar attracts sunbirds. Loves full sun, looks great in pots on balconies or in gardens. Sandy, well-drained soil. Feed regularly. Water when soil is dry.

Common names: krantz aloe, candelabra aloe (Eng); ikalene, ikhala, ingcelwane, unomaweni (Xhosa); inkalane, inkalane, umhlabana, inhlazi (Zulu); kransaalwyn (Afr). 
Botanical name: Aloe arborescens

Family: Asphodelaceae

Plant-animal: bees, birds, butterflies

Flower colour: 

Flowering season:

Light level: sun - full

Soil type: 

Soil pH: 


Conservation: Not threatened

Herbal tradition(s): Cape Herbal Medicine

Plant parts: leaves

Herb qualities: 


Preparations: decoction, fresh, gel, poultice, powder

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