Kigelia africana

Kigelia africana
Kigelia africana

Common names: sausage tree (English). 
Botanical name: Kigelia africana

Kigelia africana, also known as the sausage tree, is a unique and fascinating tree with large, dark red trumpet-shaped flowers and large fruits that look like giant sausages. It is found on riverbanks, open woodlands, and floodplains. The roasted fruits are used to flavor beer and aid fermentation, the tough wood is used for various applications, and traditional remedies made from the fruits are used to treat various conditions. Easy to grow from fresh seeds and is suitable for large spaces, requiring full sun, lots of compost, and moderate watering.

Uses & Benefits: dye, flavouring, food, medicine

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Bignoniaceae
Type: tree
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: red
Flowering season: 
Plant-animal interactions: bees, birds, butterflies
Red list status:

Soil type: 
Soil pH: 

Use as Medicine


Herbal traditions: 
Plant parts used: 

First-aid use:  
Medical use:  
Veterinary use:  

Plant qualities: 
Plant actions: 
Phytochemical constituents: 

Plant preparations: 

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