Kalanchoe sexangularis

Kalanchoe sexangularis

Common names: red-leaved kalanchoe (English). 
Botanical name: Kalanchoe sexangularis

The red-leaved kalanchoe, Kalanchoe sexangularis, is a hardy and drought-resistant succulent with decorative red foliage that thrives in dappled shade. It is an evergreen, robust succulent with attractive, broad, glossy and deeply serrated foliage. The flowers attract bees, butterflies and other insects, and also insect-eating birds. Water-wise and a good container plant. It can be propagated both by seeds and by cuttings.

Uses & Benefits: pot plant

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Crassulaceae
Type: succulent
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: yellow
Flowering season: 
Plant-animal interactions: bees, birds, butterflies
Red list status:

Soil type: 
Soil pH: 

Use as Medicine


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