Heteropyxis natalensis

Heteropyxis natalensis
Heteropyxis natalensis
Heteropyxis natalensis

Common names:
Botanical name: Heteropyxis natalensis

The lavender tree, Heteropyxis natalensis, is a small to medium deciduous tree with drooping, glossy green leaves that emit a pleasant lavender scent when crushed. It has pale grey, flaking bark and inconspicuous, sweetly scented flowers that attract bees, wasps and butterflies. The leaves and roots are used medicinally for various ailments, such as bleeding nose, mental disorders and worms. The wood is hard and fine-grained, suitable for fencing posts and charcoal. The leaves are also used in herbal tea and potpourri. This tree is ideal for small gardens, as it has a crooked, attractive stem and develops rich red autumn colours. It can be grown from seeds or cuttings in well-drained moist soil.

Uses & Benefits:

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Myrtaceae
Type: tree
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: green, yellow
Flowering season: 
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Use as Medicine


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