Gazania rigens

Gazania rigens
Gazania rigens

Common names: trailing gazania, treasure flower (English). 
Botanical name: Gazania rigens

The treasure flower or trailing gazania, Gazania rigens var. leucolaena, is a creeping perennial herb with bright yellow flowers and greyish white leaves. It is native to the Cape south coast of South Africa, where it grows on sand dunes near the sea. It is pollinated by insects and has hairy fruits that are dispersed by wind. It has been used by the Zulu people for magical purposes in courting rituals. It is a frost-resistant, drought-tolerant, and waterwise plant that can be grown in sunny spots as a groundcover, border, or rockery plant. It flowers from spring to summer and creates a cheerful display in any garden.

Uses & Benefits: wildlife

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Asteraceae
Type: ground cover
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: yellow
Flowering season: 
Plant-animal interactions: bees, butterflies
Red list status:

Soil type: 
Soil pH: 

Use as Medicine


Herbal traditions: 
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First-aid use:  
Medical use:  
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