Crassula spathulata

Spatula-leaf Crassula - Crassula spathulata
Spatula-leaf Crassula - Crassula spathulata

Common names: spatula-leaf crassula (English); uguwe (Xhosa). 
Botanical name: Crassula spathulata

The spatula-leaf crassula, Crassula spathulata, is a hardy spreading succulent that forms dense mats. Its rounded fleshy leaves are green with red margins. Clusters of tiny pinkish white starry flowers appear in summer and autumn. Thrives in shade or semi-shade. Spreads easily from stem fragments that fall and root. Also propagates from seeds. Makes a great groundcover and is attractive in hanging baskets. Plant in well-drained soil, avoid overwatering.

Uses & Benefits: indoor, pot plant

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Crassulaceae
Type: ground cover, succulent
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: pink, white
Flowering season: 
Plant-animal interactions: bees
Red list status:

Soil type: 
Soil pH: 

Use as Medicine


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