Carpobrotus edulis

Sour Fig - Carpobrotus edulis
Sour Fig - Carpobrotus edulis
Sour Fig - Carpobrotus edulis

Common names: sour fig, Cape fig, Hottentots fig (English); igcukuma, unomatyumtyum (Xhosa); ikhambi-lamabulawo, umgongozi (Zulu); ghaukum, ghoenavy, Hottentotsvy, Kaapsevy, perdevy, rankvy, suurvy, vyerank (Afrikaans). 
Botanical name: Carpobrotus edulis
Previously known as: Mesembryanthemum edule

Carpobrotus edulis, also known as sour fig or Cape fig, is a succulent groundcover ideal for low-maintenance and water-wise gardens. It produces edible fruits and is a useful first-aid plant for herbal or kitchen gardens. This robust perennial plant, with yellow flowers and fleshy, edible fruit, is easy to grow, drought-resistant, and suitable for coastal and inland slopes. It is not threatened in its native habitat but has become invasive in some parts of the world. The plant has a rich history and is used for various medicinal purposes, including treating diarrhea, skin conditions, and insect bites. It is easy to grow and thrives in well-drained soil and sunny positions.

Uses & Benefits: cosmetics, food, medicine, phyto-remediation, pot plant, small garden, water-wise, wind tolerant

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