Tarchonanthus littoralis

Tarchonanthus littoralis
Tarchonanthus littoralis

Common names: coastal camphor bush (English). 
Botanical name: Tarchonanthus littoralis

Tarchonanthus littoralis, commonly known as the coastal camphor bush, is a small evergreen tree that grows along the south and southeastern coast of South Africa. It has strongly aromatic, leathery leaves that are dark green above and white-grey below, and showy white, cottony fruits that persist for months. The tree is pollinated by insects and the fruits are dispersed by wind and water. It is used in traditional medicine for various digestive and respiratory ailments, and also as a source of perfume, insect repellent, and cushion stuffing. The wood is hard, tough, and termite-proof, and has been used for musical instruments, furniture, and fence poles. Tarchonanthus littoralis is a hardy and water-wise plant that can tolerate windy, coastal, and sandy conditions. It is ideal for small gardens, windbreaks, and coastal dune stabilization. It can be propagated by seed or cuttings.

Uses & Benefits: aromatic, hedge, insect repellent, medicine, pot plant, potpourri, tea

Nature & Cultivation

Family: Asteraceae
Type: shrub, tree
Vegetation type:  
Flower colour: white
Flowering season: 
Plant-animal interactions: bees
Red list status:

Soil type: 
Soil pH: 

Use as Medicine


Herbal traditions: 
Plant parts used: 

First-aid use:  
Medical use:  
Veterinary use:  

Plant qualities: 
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Phytochemical constituents: 

Plant preparations: 

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