Athanasia trifurcata

Athanasia trifurcata
Athanasia trifurcata
Athanasia trifurcata

Common names: kouterbos (English). 
Botanical name: Athanasia trifurcata

Athanasia trifurcata, also known as trifid-leaf athanasia, thrives in drought. This rugged South African shrub grows to 1.5m with gray-green leaves tipped with 3-5 teeth. Clusters of bright yellow flowers with 50-100 florets each bloom late spring, attracting pollinators. Plant in full sun and sandy or clay soil. Drought tolerant once established.

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Nature & Cultivation

Family: Asteraceae
Type: shrub
Vegetation type: Peninsula Shale Renosterveld 
Flower colour: yellow
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