How to use essential oils

New to using essential oils? Here are some suggestions on how to start using and enjoying them.

1. In an oil burner: fill the container on the top with some water and add 3-5 drops of essential oils. Light and place a tea light candle underneath. As the mixture warms up, the essential oils will begin to evaporate. 

2. Steam inhalation - Add 3-7 drops of essential oil to boiling water in a large heatproof bowl. Use a towel to cover your head, and breathe through your nose for no more than two minutes at a time.

3. In an essential oil diffuser - Place your diffuser in a well ventilated room and add 3-10 drops of essential all. Be sure to follow the instructions for your brand of diffuser.

4. In a bath - add 3-10 drops to a warm bath. Relax and enjoy.

5. Inhale - add 2-3 drops to a handkerchief and enjoy the aroma throughout the day.

6. Massage - add 3-4 drops of essential oil (depending on the oil used) to a natural carrier oil such as jojoba, grape seed and almond. Apply to skin with gentle rubbing. NB always test on your arm before using on larger part of body in case or irritation.

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