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Our love and passion for the Cape, its people and flora inspired us to create a primarily botanical business with three principles in mind: to be good, green and beautiful.



Our Urban Nursery
We are surrounded by a natural pharmacy in the Cape. Which is why we want to restore peoples' confidence in growing, enjoying and using plants in their family's (including pets') journey to wellbeing; ethically, safely and sustainably. 

Because plants directly from your garden or balcony require the least processing and footprint on our planet, we source an abundance of useful and indigenous plants for the urban home and business from a small selection of trusted organic growers. It is not only your wellbeing we are passionate about. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our wildlife, soil and flora too.
Having a few of our pesticide free plants in your garden, balcony or windowsill will go a long way to attracting happy birds, bees and wildlife - or as we like to call them; happy animal gardens.

Nature Shop
We also create and curate a selection of locally-made products that nurture wellbeing; including planters, ceramics, organic honey, essential oils, teas, books, and more. Collaborating with small businesses doing great things to uplift our local communities is important to us. Together, we can promote 'local' as a source of quality and reliability.

Let us help you grow and learn about how to use plants for food or medicine, or just enjoy in your indigenous garden. If you live in Cape Town, ask us to recommend, deliver, install and support a functional and stylish garden or balcony at your work, house or apartment.