An integrative, evidence-based course on medical Cannabis and its safe, ethical, and effective use in clinical practice. Open to traditional health practitioners, health and allied health professionals, pharmacists, nursing and veterinary professionals. No previous experience with medical Cannabis required.

Course is accredited with 25 CPD points, including 4 Ethics points, by HPCSA. Course is accredited with 25 CPD points by SAVC.

Aim: To present what healthcare professionals need to know about medical Cannabis. Empowering healthcare professionals to make sound clinical decisions; provide informed advice and education; support quality products and ethical enterprises; collaborate on essential research; and promote local and national policies that nurture the health and wellbeing of our communities, and the planet too. This course will be followed by further courses on herbal medicine for healthcare professionals.


  • Integrative – presenting both the traditional wisdom and modern science of Cannabis as medicine.
  • Best-evidence based – including published research, clinical experience, and traditional knowledge.
  • Collaborative – delegates with knowledge and expertise are encouraged to contribute.
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Course Includes

  • 63 Lessons
  • 20 Topics
  • 1 Quiz