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Imphepho Plant - Happy Herbs

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Helichrysum patulum

Our Imphepho comes in a 12cm nursery pot or a 2 litre nursery bag.

Indigenous to South Africa, Imphepho is a plant with aromatic, soft hairs, grey-green leaves and yellow flowers (August) October to February (June). She enjoys a habitat where she can sprawl from dunes to mountain slopes.

Being aromatic, relaxing, calming, cleansing with actions including vulnerary, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and insect repellent, Imphepho has many uses. She was traditionally used as a tea and smudge as a ritual incense and perfume. Because of her softness and insect repelling properties, the fresh plant was used for bedding material. Imphepho is also said to help ease stress and promote relaxation by inhaling the smoke when burning the leaves, as well as ease chest infections and nervous conditions. Imphepho is also used as an antiseptic wash or ointment for infections, scars and acne.  Infused (in milk or water) she may help ease coughs and colds, catarrh, headache/backache, fever, urinary tract infections, menstrual problems, stress, tension, cramps, insomnia, and nervous conditions. Rich in essential oils, Imphepho is also a beautiful and aromatic addition to any flower arrangement. 

Imphepho likes sun and shaded areas with light, well-drained and well-composted soil. She is hardy, adaptable and tolerates low water and can be propagated by seed or cutting. Don’t water in winter as there is a risk of fungal infection at this time. Plants may need to be replaced every 2-3 years to keep looking good.

Conservation – no conservation concerns, widespread and a common garden plant.

Please note pot is not included

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