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We pot instore for you as a free service charging only for materials used. We also offer a free repotting service if your plants have outgrown their current pots. If you want to get your hands in the soil then you are welcome, of course, to pot yourself. We are happy to advise or guide you.

We have a wide selection of locally-made pots and planters, stands and wall mounts, and woven baskets. You can also bring along your own pots. We have organic soil mixes for all indigenous plant types; as well as garden supplies like plant food, compost, decorative stones, mulch, vermiculite, perlite, and coir should you need.

See our Delivery & Collection service if you would like us to collect your pot plants or planters for potting up in the nursery, or for repotting into larger pots. Once they are all potted up we can then deliver them back to you.

Alternatively, we can come to you as a part of our Planting & Maintenance service. Our team can visit regularly and attend to your plants. While there we can advise on struggling plants, clear pots and planters, prepare the soil, and plant new plants, or repot your existing plants.

Stay connected by email for upcoming events, projects, and product updates.

Other Services

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Indigenous Nursery

We provide our community with a wide selection of organically-grown, indigenous plants with a focus on first-aid, food, and wildlife. We only source plants from ...
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Community Gardens

We are happy to support all community garden initiatives by providing organically-grown, beneficial, indigenous plants at cost. We also offer free Group Talks to any ...
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Corporate Services

We support local businesses and non-profit organisations to provide meaningful gifts to clients and staff, bring organically-grown, indigenous plants into the workspace, or create Nature-based, ...
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Planting & Maintenance

Chat to us about our Nature-friendly planting and maintenance service for the home or workplace. We are happy to assist with indoor plants, potted balcony ...
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Instore Support

Pop in and let our knowledgeable and passionate team offer advice on ways to create with Nature to nurture wellbeing. We will suggest suitable indigenous ...
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Delivery & Collection

We are happy to arrange the delivery of plants, garden supplies and other products purchased instore or online. This is especially useful if the items ...