HAPPY BY NATURE is a Cape Town based enterprise founded on the universal principle of happiness; researching and developing wellbeing products and services that are good, green & beautiful.

At Happy Space, our home base in the Mother City, we offer opportunities to discover, experience, collaborate and cocreate with Nature for the wellbeing of all.

We source an abundance of beneficial indigenous plants for the urban home and business from a small selection of trusted organic growers. It is not only your wellbeing we are passionate about. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our soil, and our animal and plant life too. Just having a few happy plants in your garden or on your balcony or windowsill will go a long way to nurturing the birds and the bees and other creatures that are the extraordinary biodiversity of Mother Nature.

We also create and curate a selection of locally-made products and meaningful gifts that nurture wellbeing naturally; including planters, ceramics, honey, essential oils, teas, art works, books and more. Collaborating with local artists, healers, teachers and small businesses doing great things for our communities and for Nature is important to us.

Through workshops and consulting we aim to share the knowledge and resources needed to work with local plants for conservation, food, medicine or just to enjoy in your own . If you live in Cape Town, we can assist you to create a beautiful, useful, wild garden; or integrate useful plants into your own happy space at home, or at work. And get in touch if you want to collaborate on an event, or workshop, or join forces in any other good green beautiful way.

Cara Harris – cara@happybynature.com
Jimmy Symmonds – jimmy@ happybynature.com